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Jacquard Weaving


I began the process with a photo. I then assigned weave structures to each shade of the photo with design software 'Pointcarre'. She was then handwoven on a jacquard loom producing a one-of-a-kind tapestry. If interested in purchasing this piece please contact me.


Joe in Pennsylvania wrote "Beautiful work. This guy is incredibly talented on a loom".

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival

I enjoy sitting at my mulit shaft loom introducing , explaining and promoting hand weaving to the patrons who visit the festival.

avanzato designs


Each item is created  one at a time by hand,


producing a unique item,


resulting in apparel that reflects your personality. 

Artist Statement

 I have a continuing relationship with a loom. This relationship spans 20 years and involves looms of 16 and 32 shafts. I'm in the process of enhancing my jacquard loom.

The process of taking a  single thread (weft) and moving it over or under a single or group of threads (warp) producing cloth which  protects, warms, adorns, and inspires is ancient as well as a modern experience.

As I design and weave, I use pattern and detail to enhance color and texture with fibers of silk, wool, cotton and rayon producing unique items of art.

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We will refund the purchase price for any item returned in it's original condition within 30 days after delivery. Complete the contact form with your request for a refund and we will ship you our return label. Once the item is received in it's original condition we will forward you a gift certificate to be used on any other item in the store.   Thank you.

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